People Needs

Why people will buy almost anything

We live in a world where we place our needs ahead of us, because it is practically what our lives revolve around. Transactions happen every day and everywhere, and for every act of buying and selling, there’s a demand to meet. Not just pressing ones like the basic necessities of life, which includes food, clothing and shelter,but alsofor something as trivial as wanting to feel among or feel good. People buy things for various reasons, and more often than not, it has to do with their needs, trust in the product, and how much money they are willing to part with. Needs express necessity; something essential. This is usually ranked on an order of priority, where the most pressing ones come first, which doesn’t in any way make the less pressing ones non-essential. We all need food to survive, so it is important that we do what we can to eat something that will at least satisfy us for the time being. Not necessarily a sumptuous meal or a top-rated world-class meal, but something that meets the pressing need at hand, which is to quench hunger and energize the body. About trust, you are more likely to buy your products from a company you are familiar with and sure of, instead of an entirely new company that you know absolutely nothing about. This explains best why most people will rather seek for reviews on a particular product, either online or via a trusted friend, and not taking the risk of ending up with a poor product.

If money were never an issue, we’ll all be using the best products today. You probably want to own the latest Rolls-Royce model, but the inability to afford such amount will make you settle for something lesser, as long as you are okay with it. Money plays a major role in settling for the things we buy, and this doesn’t mean people only shop on price; the amount of money for a particular product should match its value. You will only spend so much money purchasing a Rolls-Royce not because it is expensive, but because its cost matches its worth, unless you care less about how much money you are parting with. However, we can’t dispute that some people actually spend on things we can’t generally term necessities. This includes replacing old brand of products with newer ones, even though the older ones are still very functional. They do this for different reasons, all of which still falls back to living in the moment and feeling good. It could also be due to peer pressure; in trying to satisfy the heavy demand arising from peers to use what’s trendy. This is probably why every new brand or upgraded product work on being better than the already existing version. There should be something captivating about the product that makes it trendy and what anyone will love to spend on.

We all strive to feel good about ourselves; satisfied; to look around and feel a sense of fulfilment. This feeling alone explains what life really is to many people. If we care less about how we feel towards life or the satisfaction we get from the things we buy, we’ll likely not spendso much on anything at all, save the basic necessities of life. Even at that, we might just put on clothes that cover our bodies and get them at the cheapest rates or eat crappy meals. Quality may not matter, because satisfaction is out of it already. Levels of satisfaction may also differ and affect the things people buy. Not everyone is into the self-love and contentment principle. There are a lot of people out there battling with low self-esteem and the need to please others at all cost, which may have a say in their decisions when they choose to buy anything at all. They want to feel satisfied; confident in the things they use, without the fear of anyone shaming them for who they are, that they can hardly take it in. This set of people are more likely to spend more compared to those who find delight even in the littlest things. In business, you do what you can to serve your consumers, and this basically means you have to consider their needs, weigh the trust they have for you, and make sure your product is well valued. Understanding these things will make it easier to get the right consumers and know what exactly they wantat a particular time. While you consider these things, it is also important that you give room for improvements, to match the taste of your target consumers. Try new things that will not only make your consumers stay with you, but also pull in more of them. To win your consumers, you have to work around their desires—the things that give them a sense of satisfaction.